Building a Platform to Engage Multiple Audiences:

For a while, I thought it was best to not really introduce myself and kinda just start blogging as if people had been reading my pages for years. As it turns I have had numerous request by people reading these blogs to create an article that introduces, who I am, what I want to achieve out of this blog, and where I see the blog going. To be quite honest I have no idea where I want this blog to go. It is more of a reflection for me to express my tribulations with the challenge of trying to become successful. I figure the best way to explain away the first two questions is by revealing what I have been working on, for this blog, for about two weeks.

If readers haven’t noticed I have been absent for the last two weeks on posting content. This is due to the fact that along with this blog I will be launching a companion channel on youtube to allow me to create more visual content to go alongside with these blogs. This will allow you guys to meet me in a more personal manner, and it also allows me to connect with my readers and build a bigger community of people within multiple platforms. The bigger the platform I can create the more people can talk with one and other about the barriers that are holding them back from achieving their goals.  So I might be a little absent or what might seem as “not invested” in this blog within the next two weeks. I want to make it clear that my absence if there is any, will only be due to me trying to produce edit and create great video content for everyone to watch and talk about.

Hopefully, I can launch this new product off the ground and everyone that wants to share and talk about their dreams, aspirations, and goals for their life, will have that ability. Until then, best of luck Chasing Success.


Christian Stuart


The Challange of Staying Productive:

There are hundreds of reasons why staying productive is one of the most useful tools a person can hold in their arsenal. However, while being productive is excellent it comes at a high cost of disciplinary action. For instance, it’s not easy for everyone to wake up at 6:30 in the morning, begin that workout regime everyone keeps talking about, or pin down those homework sessions into your daily calendar as to not forget them. We all tend to slack off and fall behind. Myself being one of the worst in this category.

If I can be honest with everyone; I do not have a system of discipline. If you humored me for a second, I would say that my level of control (to gets things done) is no higher than a small pebble being effortlessly s

wallowed in the vast ocean of my to-do lists. Sadly, on top of this point, my ability to snap out of individual states of laziness, boredom, or stagnation is much in the same regard. Which leaves me where exactly?(Well other than screwed!) It more or less drops me in the state of perpetual limbo, and anyone who is as undisciplined as I am; you are going to relate to my description of this state quite well.

We are always removing ourselves and our mindset away from challenges and problems that we know we will have to deal with in the future.

*Its time to start that project that is due in 4 hours.*

“Eh I’ve completed harder projects in 2 hours, and my favorite channel just dropped a new video.”

*We need to test prep for the big exam next week.*

“Did you hear yourself, its NEXT WEEK. I’ll be fine; I have plenty of time.” 

*You have class in 20 mins, and you haven’t showered.*

“I’ll call in sick, that’s why they give us excused abstinences.”  

If any of this type of behavior is sounding similar, or if you feel like you are slowly descending into this dark pit I like to call Procrastination Hell. Please do everyone that is already stuck down here a favor, and start caring! It took me 2 1/2 years to even recognize how badly I was throwing my life away.

So the challenge is realized, now what is one supposed to do? Simply get motivated? That’s what they all tell us, but how do we get from point A, to point B. For now, I’ll leave the question to you guys. How do you stay motivated to complete tasks? How do you force yourself out of bed and get up for the day? Next week, I tell you guys my favorite ways, and any well thought out suggestions I haven’t heard of and or tried, I’ll be happy to shout out. See you all next week, and Best of Luck Chasing Success.


Christian Stuart

Three Ways To Become More Productive:

We’ve all been there as college students. It’s 3:00am, and you have a 6-page paper due for a 10 ‘o’ Clock class in the next 7 hours. What are you going to do?

We do what everyone in our position does of course; we procrastinate for another 30 mins to an hour deciding if this is worth busting our butt over. The fact remains that no one wants to drop 2 or 3 hours on a paper only to turn it in and get a C- or worse. (Though I do know of a rare breed of student who can manage to achieve an A in moments like these; and I can’t even begin to imagine what their brain must have to do in those 7 hours to accomplish this.) If we are gonna get that bad of a grade, we might as well get a good nights sleep and take the deduction, we think to ourselves.

Nevertheless, we end up pulling all-nighters anyway; completing the assignment and in some cases doing far better than we could have ever expected. However, when it is all said and done, we are left with a terrible headache and are far worse for wear. This was my life as a college student for the last 2 and a half years, and personally, I’m sick of it. So today we are going to discuss how I managed to knock out a 5-page paper and a PowerPoint Presentation all within the confines of 5 hours, and way before 3:00 am rolled around.

Keep in mind here that I am not a self-help guru and I am not the most productive person in the world. (If you don’t believe me ask my mom) But these tips managed to create a plan that I can stick to, help me get out of bed each day at an earlier time (or at least more prior compared to my usual sleeping habit), and get on top of my tasks ahead of schedule.

Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels

Firstly, I needed to develop a way to start building better Habits. Enter Habitica: Habitica is a habit tracker that doubles as a video game. So instead of spending night after night playing video games into the wee hours of the morning; I now can track my progress of becoming a more productive person and be rewarded for it. As this app is far too dense to include in this post, I promise to do a break-down of it at a later date. Just keep in mind that if the very, very brief synopsis I just wrote about that app intrigues you in the slightest my advice: get it.

Through this habit building system, I began to wake up every day at around 6:30am. I wanted to find a way to combat the early morning grogginess without going to anything caffeinated. My solution: a morning 5 min workout and a 10 min meditation session. Through this, I was able to wake up my body and revitalize my mind every morning. (If you are looking for a meditation app, I would recommend Headspace. However, there are hundreds of free meditation videos all over youtube.

Finally, I needed a way to stay motivated to continue on this productive trend. And whoever is out there in the world reading this right now, you are my motivation. I will consider these blog postings as a way to hold myself accountable if I begin to slip up. But to be honest, I really don’t want to go back to my old days of college.

So that’s it. Track good habits, get a good morning routine, and along the way try to find something to keep yourself motivated. Best of luck Chasing Success.


Christian Stuart